Joe Ingles Offered Jazz Teammate Georges Niang A Case Of Bud Light For A 1-Of-1 NFT

Georges Niang is the latest professional athlete to get in on the NFT craze. In a post on his Instagram account, Niang announced that he is teaming up with NFT marketplace OpenSea for a special, 1-of-1 release that includes something a little extra special for the individual who places the winning bid.

“I’m excited to bring you my exclusive 1 of 1 NFT,” Niang wrote. “The winner of this art will also win a 10 minute zoom call with me, link in bio to drop your bid!”

This is pretty good! Niang, of course, is nowhere near the first athlete to decide to launch their own NFT, but it’s nice that he’s decided to add something a little extra special by hopping on a call with the fan who wins this. Anyway, let’s move on to the Joe Ingles portion of this story.

Ingles, who is renowned for his desire to always bust the chops of his various teammates, hopped in the comments and offered up a trade for Niang to potentially take, with Tyrese Haliburton of the Sacramento Kings trying to nudge him towards accepting it.

Georges Niang/IG

Georges Niang if you’re reading this, we understand if you want to turn down this deal based on a thing of Bud Light being relatively cheap but we implore you to not dismiss it altogether, because it’s always nice when someone buys you beer.