Warriors Owner Joe Lacob Isn’t So Sure A Postseason Matchup With The Rockets Is Looming

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The Golden State Warriors are in an unusual position as they reach the end of the regular season: They’re looking up at someone in the standings.

The Houston Rockets are all but assured the top spot in the Western Conference, and the rash of injuries the Warriors have seen in recent weeks has certainly helped their cause. The Warriors will safely make the playoffs in the second seed, however, which means the two teams won’t face each other until deep in the postseason.

That matchup, even at the end of March, is highly anticipated. But Warriors owner Joe Lacob said he isn’t so sure the Rockets will be waiting for Golden State in the Western Conference Finals. Lacob spoke to the San Jose Mercury News and said a number of interesting things about his team, from free agency concerns to what he expects will happen this postseason. Lacob didn’t seem too concerned about Golden State’s injury woes, but he had an interesting quote about the Houston Rockets.
Golden State’s owner wants the team to not look too far ahead with regards to the Warriors’ potential conference final foe.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen. Houston could get upset if you’re so worried about Houston. They are the best right now, there’s no doubt. They are the best team and we’re looking up to them but that doesn’t mean they’ll be there. We may be there and they might not be there. You have to prove it on the court.”

It’s a good indication that confidence inside the Warriors organiation is still quite high. Steve Kerr says the team can beat anyone despite Curry’s injury, which is far from an absurd thing to think, and Lacob is right about one thing: It isn’t easy to win in the postseason. Still, nothing will be known about either team until we get there.