Joe Maddon Says LeBron James Can Play Centerfield For The Cubs Anytime

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12.08.16 2 Comments

With curses related to a billy goat and Steve Bartman finally a thing of the past, the Chicago Cubs are undoubtedly still celebrating their World Series win and feasting on the meats of slaughtered animals. But the champs have also been slightly retooling their roster. For starters, rental closer Aroldis Chapman recently signed a lucrative deal that will send him back to the Bronx, which is great news for Cubs fans who were hung up over cheering for a rather unlikable guy.

Another much bigger issue for the Cubs will be center field, as leadoff man and fan favorite Dexter Fowler is as good as gone, possibly to the rival Cardinals, who are battling with the Blue Jays for his services. While Theo Epstein and the Cubs took yet another shot at St. Louis by recently signing Jon Jay, skipper Joe Maddon has a better idea: Sign LeBron James to play center field.

James did look pretty darn good in that Cubs uniform, but will Chicago columnists stand for The King taking an occasional day off for rest?

That Joe Maddon, though, always joking around and being the quirkiest guy on the diamond. The problem with this, of course, is that it will inspire at least a week’s worth of “Can LeBron actually play center field?” shouting on Worst Take and Skip Bayless Shouts at Shannon Sharpe.

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