Joel Embiid Is Now Asking Models To Show Their Feet On Instagram


Noted process truster and social media user Joel Embiid is unafraid to shoot his shot on the court and on Instagram.

The Philadelphia 76ers center knows the power of social media and has gained a legion of fans for his funny bits and strange geotagging. He’s also been unafraid to interact with haters, taking the low road and firing back at former adult film actress Mia Khalifa after she called Embiid and some Sixers a “room full of Ls.”

He’s also held late-night Shirley Temple-chugging sessions. At this point I think I know more about Embiid’s day-to-day than some of my closest friends.

So I suppose him chasing models on Instagram isn’t much of a stretch, then. Embiid appears to have commented on model Bianca Ghez’s Instagram stream multiple times yesterday, saying “let me see your feet” and asking if she “liked black guys” while the bikini-clad woman streamed on the social media site.

He also said “fam get me out of the friend zone” sometime during the broadcast.

There’s no proof that Ghez responded to Embiid’s question or request, but Sixers fans have started to comment on her Grams so I’m sure she’s aware of what happened by now. Joking or not, it’s sort of a weird thing for such a publicly-facing sports fella to do on Instagram. Then again, after watching what Embiid has done on the court this season it’s hard not to trust he knows what he’s doing.

If this all ends in marriage, it will be the first time in history a thirsty athlete trolling the Internet has ever achieved something positive.