Joel Embiid Aggravated His Aching Back After An Awkward Fall Against The Lakers

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Joel Embiid has been dealing with a sore back for the past few weeks. The Philadelphia 76ers’ big man has mostly been able to play through the pain, but it’s been apparent that something has been going on that has caused him some amount of discomfort. On Wednesday night against the Los Angeles Lakers, Embiid’s pesky back issues popped up during the fourth quarter of action.

Despite the fact that the Sixers looked set to run the Lakers out of the gym at the end of the first quarter, Los Angeles managed to battle back to a point where they were barely within striking distance. This led to Embiid being in the game, and with just under 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter, this happened.

Embiid tried to throw down a lob from Ben Simmons, and either tweaked his back while he was going up or after he landed and more or less collapsed to the ground. It was a horrifying site, because you don’t expect to see someone go down in this fashion, although it looks awfully familiar to anyone who has had lower back pain and tried to do, uh, just about anything.

While he went to the locker room for a moment, Embiid eventually made his way back onto the bench, and eventually returned to the game.