Joel Embiid Could Not Believe The Allegations That Bryan Colangelo Used Fake Twitter Accounts (UPDATE)

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In the wake of a story from Ben Dedrick of The Ringer, the NBA world is buzzing about Philadelphia 76ers general manager Bryan Colangelo and the alleged use of five burner Twitter accounts. Though further dissection of the story can be found here, a great deal of anticipation existed for the almost inevitable social media response of Joel Embiid.

Late on Tuesday evening, the Sixers big man weighed in his own unique fashion.

After the initial offering, Embiid turned his attention to former Sixers front office head Sam Hinkie, leaning heavily into the bit by tweeting at one of Colangelo’s alleged accounts.

Later, Embiid even went on to begin “liking” tweets from various alleged burner accounts, further committing to the bit.

Embiid is well-known for his Twitter presence and, in some ways, his reaction is noteworthy. While it exists in keeping with his social media brand in that it certainly produced laughter, what Embiid did not do was provide any skepticism that the reporting is actually true.

For now, he simply appears to be as surprised as the rest of the basketball universe and, well, that is probably the appropriate reaction in the wake of a story that inspired all kinds of head-shaking from coast to coast. More information will almost certainly come to light concerning the alleged actions of Colangelo and that could extend to official statements from the organization.

Until then, we have Joel Embiid’s reaction, and it is exactly what you would expect it to be.

UPDATE: Embiid spoke to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN and gave a more measured reaction to what went down with his general manager.

This is hardly saying that Sam Hinkie is better than Colangelo than anything, but rather, Embiid wants to take a wait and see approach with things. Still, it’s nice to know that even the Sixers’ best player is as stunned by all this as everyone else.