Joel Embiid And DeMarcus Cousins Smacked Each Other’s Butts Because They’re Both Wonderful

DeMarcus Cousins and Joel Embiid both rule. Not only are they two of the most skilled centers in the NBA, but they’re also two of the league’s biggest personalities. Cousins can have a bit of a temper, but at his core, the Kings’ big man is a sweetheart who gives back to the community all the time. Embiid, meanwhile, is the goofball to end all goofballs. This is frequently an insult, but in the case of the Sixers’ rookie big man, it’s wonderful.

The two of them are playing one another on Monday night. Because basketball is fun, and these two dudes are awesome, this was obviously going to be a highly-anticipated battle between two of the league’s more entertaining players.

Their on-court play has been awesome, but the best part came when the two laid hands on one another. There was no fight – instead, Boogie and Jojo just decided to smack each other on their butts a few times. Cousins got Embiid first, the Sixers’ big man got him back, then the two exchanged one more butt smack before going back to playing basketball.

Look at the joy on their faces when the whole thing was done! Have you ever had this much fun in your life? These two are trying to out-play each other in an attempt to pick up a win, but they took the time to put basketball aside and celebrate the work they do on the court. How? By smacking one another super hard on the butt a couple of times.