The Sixers Made Special Shirts To Honor Joel Embiid’s Appearance At The Draft Lottery

05.15.17 1 year ago

Getty Image

Joel Embiid is heading to the NBA Draft Lottery, and the Sixers are celebrating the occasion. Embiid will represent the team at Tuesday’s Draft Lottery, an event which has the potential to land the Sixers two top-4 picks in this year’s draft. Seeing as how it’s a night that could play a massive role in the future of the franchise, it makes sense to send the team’s cornerstone.

Because Embiid is the most popular Philly basketball player since Allen Iverson, the Sixers decided to use this as a chance to make some t-shirts. They feature Embiid throwing his arms in the air while holding a whole heck of a lot of ping pong balls.

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