Joel Embiid’s ‘Trust The Process’ Election Tweet Might Help You Laugh Through The Tears

11.09.16 1 year ago

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The stunning results of Tuesday night’s election have created an atmosphere of anxiety, fear and depression among the millions who thought it was never possible for Trump to get elected president. But life has to go on, and the country needs things to bring it together. Maybe Joel Embiid can be that uniting force.

One of Embiid’s most endearing traits has been his willingness to adopt “The Process” as his nickname, determined to reclaim the concept from one of repeated failures on purpose towards a nebulous goal, to a symbol of hope that out of the ashes can rise a shot-blocking, dream-shaking phoenix. Well, Embiid is here to tell you America can work the same way:

The first sentence made us chuckle, but it’s hard to hear “trust the process” applied to American politics when that very process delivered a Trump presidency. But hey, levity will be crucial in keeping our heads above water in the difficult times ahead. Keep joking, Joel, and keep doing beautiful things on a basketball court to provide us that escapism we so desperately crave when we tune in to watch sports.

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