It Sounds Like Joel Embiid Wants To Resume His Beef With Hassan Whiteside

03.09.18 12 months ago

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Joel Embiid and Hassan Whiteside added a new chapter to their beef on Thursday night when they get tangled up running down the court in the third quarter.

That broke a kind of glasnost between the two, after earlier in the season Whiteside said he wasn’t interested in a beef with the Sixers All-Star. That beef apparently started when Embiid got on the Heat forward for worrying too much about his individual stats.

Thursday’s scuffle, though, brought back some clear frustrations between the two. Whiteside thought Embiid was trying to hit him, and Embiid thought Whiteside was doing the same. What actually happened is that, after the initial block, Whiteside’s hand hit Embiid, then Whiteside somehow hit himself in the face.

If we’re judging this thing by Embiid’s standards, Whiteside got the better of him on Thursday night. The Heat won, 108-99, and Hassan outscored Embiid 26-17 on the night and had a huge dunk in front of Embiid in the fourth quarter.

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