Joel Embiid Rose Up For A Monster Block On Jarrell Martin’s Dunk Attempt

11.23.16 3 years ago

Joel Embiid is a 7-foot tall human being who is very serious about personal space. That orange hoop hanging over 10 feet (3 m) above the rim is his, and he very much wants other people to stop trying to put a basketball through it.

It’s really quite inconsiderate of the Memphis Grizzlies’ Jarell Martin to not respect Embiid’s boundaries like this and attempt to score two points here. I don’t blame Embiid at all for being a bit assertive in his defense of his own personal property. Some might say he was a bit rude in this rejection of Martin’s offensive maneuvers, but I think that’s a bit disrespectful to Embiid and his wants and needs in this life.

Thankfully for us all, Embiid followed the rules of the game here, only contacting the ball in his wholly justified fortification of the Philadelphia 76ers’ rim. I hope he celebrates this success by wearing his uniform out to a local establishment after the game’s conclusion.

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