Joel Embiid’s Amazing Instagram Locations Prove That He Is The NBA’s Social Media King

So by now we all know that Joel Embiid is better at social media than any other athlete. He’s gotten to the point where every one of his tweets are a source of entertainment for the basketball community, solely because he realizes that social media should be a fun thing that everyone enjoys and not something that is taken 100 percent seriously.

Embiid is especially great at Instagram. He uses that to do things like terrorize Chandler Parsons (he’s actually done this a few times) and rip on his teammates, but as it turns out, he’s much better at IG than any of us originally thought. That’s because Embiid doesn’t just use the pictures, captions, and comment sections to make jokes, he also sets his location to something hilarious on a regular basis.

Take, for instance, the picture at the top of this post. It depicts Embiid bodying up Milwaukee big man John Henson with some motivational caption about trusting the process. It also includes this as the location:

This is a pretty common move for Embiid (well, not using this location, but putting something down as a joke location). For example, here’s a picture of Embiid holding his hand up to his ear, with a location that discusses his plans in a few months.

And here’s his location from the picture of him grabbing fellow Sixer T.J. McConnell by the neck after McConnell knocked down a game-winner against the New York Knicks.

There are so many of these. This one says “Strip Club New York.” This one says “The Process.” My favorite one may be of a screenshot from a game against the Kings that Philly lost which says “Bulls*it Land.” The one of him on Christmas that says “Bethlehem, Israel” is pretty good, too. As is this one, which features Embiid in a shirt that paid homage to Craig Sager with a caption that reads “#RIPCraigSager” and the location “Heaven.”

You can find even more of these by perusing Embiid’s Instagram page. It’s absolutely worth going through and laughing, and by the time you’re done, you’ll hope that no one ever steps in and tells Embiid that he needs to change his social media strategy.