Sixers Rookie Joel Embiid Looks Like A Tomahawk-Dunking Beast In This Practice Footage

So, two things:

  • This is a travel
  • He missed the dunk

But with that said, sheeeeeeesh, does Sixers rookie Joel Embiid look strong as hell in this footage of his one-on-one drills. Embiid’s been out all season rehabbing and practicing — and, okay, showing off a little — after injuring his foot prior to last year’s draft, and he will continue to be on a strict rehabbing and practicing regimen until Summer League because (a) you can’t be too careful with big men and foot injuries, and (b) Sixers, but man. If he stays healthy and can translate this kind of power to an actual NBA game, the Sixers could have one hell of a front line between him and the recently ascendant Nerlens Noel. I mean, a 7-foot guy who can do that thing up there AND this thing down here…

That’s terrifying. Go Sixers.

Source: The700Level