Joel Embiid Was Pumped When He Realized The Sixers Were In The Top Three At The NBA Draft Lottery

Associate Editor


Joel Embiid had himself a night on Tuesday. The Philadelphia 76ers acquired a top-3 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft in a somewhat unconventional way. As the team’s representative at the lottery, Embiid was the center of attention after we learned that Philly got one of the premier picks in the draft.

The crazy thing was Philadelphia did not actually get a top-3 pick on its own – the team received the fifth selection in the draft. However, the Sixers’ fate was sealed when we got to the eighth pick and the Kings were not called. This meant that Sacramento was guaranteed to get a top-3 selection, which meant that Philly’s odds of getting their hands on the pick skyrocketed.

The whole thing is kind of complex. We’ll explain in a sec, just know that Embiid was stoked.

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