Joel Embiid’s New Puppy Is Named After Sam Hinkie (And A ‘Vampire Diaries’ Character)


Joel Embiid embraced “The Process” in Philadelphia more than any other player on the Sixers roster, and took it upon himself to make it a success.

He’s made “The Process” his own nickname and despite former GM Sam Hinkie being unceremoniously ousted in Philly, Embiid will gladly tell you he feels indebted to Hinkie and still speaks to him regularly. Embiid wants to make Hinkie’s vision a reality, and this season the Sixers have gone all-in with the trades for Tobias Harris and Jimmy Butler to do so.

On Monday, Embiid revealed he had a new goldendoodle puppy on Instagram, and introduced Klaus Hinkie De Paula Embiid to the world lounging on his “Furrari” bed (and with his own Instagram page, @klausdeprocess).

On the dog’s IG page, the dog’s name was explained as being Embiid’s favorite character off The Vampire Diaries, with Hinkie thrown in there for good measure as a little extra nod to his ex-boss.

First off, Klaus is adorable. That should be said. Also, Klaus is a pretty great dog name, but I really hope he regularly uses the full name when discussing him because “Klaus Hinkie De Paula Embiid” is a ridiculous name. With Klaus and all of Ben Simmons’ various pets, the Sixers might need to add a pet daycare to their facility.