Joel Embiid Had To Be ‘Pushed’ Into Entering The NBA Draft Because He Didn’t Want To Leave Kansas

10.12.17 1 year ago

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There were three players who were viewed as the “elite” prospects in the 2014 NBA Draft. Andrew Wiggins was the potentially destructive two-way wing who needed a little work, Jabari Parker was the prodigious scorer who was going to get buckets no matter where he went, and Joel Embiid was the relative newcomer to the game whose potential seemed to be limitless.

But as it turns out, this should not have been the case. The top of the 2014 draft should have only boasted two of these players, as Embiid said he didn’t actually plan on entering his name into the draft.

Embiid was back in Lawrence one day after he made his preseason debut and carved up the Nets in limited playing time. While there, he spoke with the media about being back on his old stomping grounds and included this little tidbit about his time at Kansas.

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