Joel Embiid On Why Shabazz Napier Gets Dunked On By LeBron In NBA 2K15 Trailer

2K Sports released an extended trailer for NBA 2K15 this week. In it, Miami Heat rookie guard Shabazz Napier is featured prominently towards the end when he’s on the receiving end of a slam dunk from LeBron James. Sixers rookie Joel Embiid took to Twitter last night and explained why.

According to Embiid, it was Napier’s Twitter ettiquette surrounding the King, which did him in:


You may remember, Lebron gave huge praise to Napier after watching him lead Connecticut to the NCAA national championship this year:


On draft night, the Heat traded for Napier after he was selected 24th overall by the Charlotte Hornets. But after LeBron signed with Cleveland in free agency, Napier created a bit of a social media stir when people found out he unfollowed LeBron on Twitter.

Embiid — who has arguably the best Twitter feed of all the NBA players — is concerned he might be on the wrong end of a dunk in a future 2K15 trailer, because he blocked LeBron on Twitter after trying to recruit him at the start of free agency.

Embiid also revealed his plans when he plays 2K15:




For the record, Philadelphia 76ers Sam Hinkie was asked about Embiid’s Twitter account yesterday, and had some encouraging words to say. Via Andrew Porter of CBS Philadelphia:

Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie, who is often criticized—fair or unfair—for his lack of media attention, is all for Embiid having some fun on the Twitterverse.

“I told him I wanted him [Embiid] to take over my Twitter account,” Hinkie said, who went on to say he believes Embiid has found the perfect threshold about being entertaining on Twitter.

As he recovers from injury, Embiid will have plenty of time this year to perfect his video game skills and continue dominating on Twitter.

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