Joel Embiid Chugged Shirley Temples And Vibed To Future Late At Night On Instagram

Instagram / Getty Image

Folks, Joel Embiid is at it again. The NBA’s undisputed king of social media hopped on Instagram at 1 a.m. on Wednesday morning for a live session where he chugged Shirley Temples out of a two-liter ginger ale bottle and blasted Future.

Lowkey the “Markieff Morris going dunk on you” comment is the best part of this image. Also, I want to note that there is a ridiculous amount of Shirley Temple in that bottle.

Embiid also sang to and answered questions from his fans while live for about 15 minutes, including one fan who asked if he would do the Triple H water spit entrance again, to which Embiid simply replied, “why not?”

Twitter sleuths also spotted a roll of Hillary Clinton stickers that Embiid has just chilling on a table in his place.

There are few NBA players who seem to so genuinely enjoy being an NBA star as much as Embiid does, and hopefully his amazing social media game won’t be stifled by the Sixers.

For those saying “it’s game day and he’s on IG Live in the middle of the night,” I would like to point out two things. First, Embiid’s been destroying the NBA for the past month so if he wants to slam Shirley Temples and sing Future he’s earned that right. Second, drinking Shirley Temples in one’s room and singing along Future is far better than many of the alternative options NBA players have for the nightlife that the average fan is not privy to see.