Joel Embiid And The Sixers Got Quizzed About Their ‘Space Jam’ Knowledge

Space Jam is a classic movie that’s a huge part of NBA lore. But there’s a lot more to it than Michael Jordan having stretchy limbs and R. Kelly belting out a ballad.

That’s why Buzzfeed sent a camera to Philadelphia 76ers media day to ask the team some questions about the classic film. Joel Embiid teamed up with Ben Simmons to answer questions, while others like Robert Covington and Timothy Luwawu-Cabarrot also joined in to help out.

The team actually does pretty well, and it’s super fun to see players put together their modern-day Space Jam squad that the Monstars would steal their talent from.

Not everyone gets every question right, though.

“I shouldn’t have fu*king trusted you,” Embiid yells at someone at one point after mistaking the Birmingham Barrons — the baseball team Jordan played on — for the Baltimore Barrons.

Probably the funniest part came not from Embiid, but Nik Stauskas. Asked to name the players who had their talent stolen by the Monstars, Stauskas calls out Shawn Bradley.

“Shawn Bradley,” he says. “Guy couldn’t block a shot if his life depended on it.”

But at least he knew his name. Embiid just called him “the white dude.”

The whole thing is entertaining, especially considering many of the younger players on the team could have certainly missed the window on Space Jam.

The movie came out in 1996, after all.