Joel Embiid Really Wants To Go To Space, Even Though NASA Told Him He Won’t Fit In Any Spacecraft

10.22.18 7 months ago

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Joel Embiid has the athleticism and size to dominate in a variety of sports. His father wanted him to play professional volleyball, but he choose basketball to dominate. It’s all worked out, especially for the Philadelphia 76ers, but as it turns out Embiid didn’t always have hoop dreams.

In fact, his first dream job has actually been shot down by the people most likely to make it happen. Embiid was featured in a nice profile in GQ that also doubles as a commercial for the Pixel 3. In it, Embiid revealed that his first dream job was to go to space as an astronaut.

Of course, Embiid didn’t grow up dreaming of being a volleyball player. He wanted to be…an astronaut, which he realizes now was a job not likely to be showcased at his middle school career fair. “[In] Cameroon, we don’t know shit about space,” he says. “I don’t even know if there’s a Cameroonian astronaut. That’s what I wanted to become. I wanted to become president, and I wanted to become an astronaut. Because I was really good at math.”

The profile talks to a few different sources about his skill set and also his brain. Embiid says people often talk to him like he’s a dumb athlete, but the guy speaks three languages and learns quickly. He learned to shoot threes watching YouTube videos and has mastered the Dream Shake. There’s very little he can do.

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