Joel Embiid Wants To Be As Big Of A Star As LeBron James Or Steph Curry

01.14.18 3 months ago

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Joel Embiid is just one of the many foreign-born NBA players that have a big impact on the league today. Though Americans like LeBron James and Stephen Curry may still dominate the sport from a marketing perspective, the growing international presence is a big part of the NBA’s overall growth. That was evident earlier this week, as the Sixers and Celtics played in London, and in the other international exhibits the league has put on recently.

Yahoo Sports had a long look at the young international talent the NBA has seen in recent years, with Kristaps Porzngis, Joel Embiid and others interviewed about the evolution of the sport on the international stage.

One of the most interesting sections came from the Sixers big man, who looked back on his long journey to the NBA. Now finally healthy, Embiid can take the time to think about what he wants to accomplish as a Sixer.

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