Joel Embiid Tweets: “I’m A Laker” Before Deleting

The mystery of where injured Kansas center Joel Embiid goes in tonight’s draft just got murkier after a bizarre tweet he’s now since blamed on a friend messing with his phone. If you believe him, it’s nothing, but he did write: “I’m a Laker” before deleting the tweet.

Here’s the screenshot of the tweet:


Embiid blames it on a friend before telling people to back off:



A few things to keep in mind here. Even with a stress fracture in his foot coming after a bad back forced him out of Conference and NCAA Tournament play during his lone season at Kansas, it’s unlikely Embiid drops to the Lakers at the No. 7 spot.

Maybe the Lakers are trading up to within the top three in order to snag the 7-footer many believe could be a franchise-changing center if he can remain healthy and refine his back-to-the-basket game. That could be one explaination for why Embiid jumped the gun a little here.

Or, this could really be a friend messing with his Twitter account, which — at least on the spectrum of friendship — is dreadful. If one of our friend’s had done this to our phone the day before the biggest day of our young lives, we’d no longer call that person a friend.

We’ll just have to wait and see. The 2014 NBA Draft just keeps getting crazier. We can’t wait for tonight at Barclays.

What do you think happened in the tweet?

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