Joel Embiid Says He Wants To Remain With The Sixers For The Rest Of His Career

09.21.18 9 months ago

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It’s increasingly rare for a player to remain with the team that drafted him for his entire career. Even in the previous generation, only Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki, Tim Duncan, a small handful of others we’re forgetting managed to accomplish that feat.

The way the CBA works now, there is more player movement than ever before, and the pressure to compete for a championship requires multiple superstars to team up in a single location. Beyond that, players also have the freedom to choose their own adventures based on a variety of factors.

Just look at Kyrie Irving’s departure from the Cavs last summer, or the Kawhi Leonard situation this offseason, or more recently, Jimmy Butler requesting a trade from Minnesota. Amid that type of uncertainty, it isn’t usually in a player’s best interest to make blanket proclamations about their futures, the way Joel Embiid did on Friday when he reportedly said that he’d like to play the rest of his career in Philadelphia.

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