John Henson Couldn’t Believe A Bucks Fan Actually Got His Jersey For Christmas

Getty Image

Christmas morning on Twitter is a flood of pictures people post of their bounty of gifts and newfound prized possessions. For sports fans, this often means jerseys or some other kind of team gear, and that regularly leads to the team accounts or the athlete themselves smashing that retweet button.

One Bucks fan scored a John Henson jersey and posted a pic in his new gear on Monday morning, noting his excitement.

Henson retweeted it, but unlike most athletes that will either just hit RT or say something like “nice!” he had a much different level of excitement in a hilarious tweet. The Bucks’ center was just excited that his jersey is even for sale and alerted his family (with “@ my entire family”) to the fact that his jerseys can indeed be purchased, and wondered where they can even be found.

Jerseys for role players don’t exactly fly off the shelves, and in Milwaukee the vast majority of jerseys you’ll see around the arena are Giannis Antetokounmpo’s No. 34. However, Henson can rest easy knowing there are fans that want his jersey and that they can indeed be found and can send someone to pick up some No. 31 jerseys for his whole family.