John Wall Admits To A ‘Tendency To Dislike’ Bradley Beal On The Court

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How in the world did the Washington Wizards miss the playoffs last year? A talented roster in a relatively weak Eastern Conference — in which the Wiz had made it to the second round, two years running — sputtered to an underwhelming 41-41 record that ultimately cost head coach Randy Wittman his job.

In his place, the Washington front office has slotted former Oklahoma City Thunder coach Scott Brooks, who has a proven résumé and easily earns the trust and confidence of his players. He’ll be stuck with one big issue that goes beyond what happens during team hours, though: the Wizards’ two best players don’t seem to enjoy each other’s company on the court.

“I think a lot of times we have a tendency to dislike each other on the court,” superstar Wizards point guard John Wall said during an interview with CSN Mid-Atlantic of his relationship with shooting guard Bradley Beal. Uh oh.

In case you forgot after all of the free agency shenanigans, the sweet-shooting off guard Wall is talking about signed a massive five-year contract extension this summer.

But Wall put a positive spin on the discord, and highlighted a need to communicate more.

“We got to be able to put that to the side. If you miss somebody on one play or don’t have something… come to each other and talk.

“Now that you have your money you got to go out there and improve your game. I want you to be an All-Star just as much as I’m an All-Star. If we were playing well as a tandem like the other two superstars that play together as a backcourt, play as a tandem, one night it’s going to be his night, one night it’s going to be mine, some nights it might be both of us. Those are nights it’s going to be tough to beat us.”

We’ll see if Brooks can make this duo work. Some would say he already had some experience with this kind of thing in a previous gig.

(via CSN Mid-Atlantic)