John Wall Isn’t Happy With David Stern; Rajon Rondo Breaks Down the Pass of the Summer

10.21.11 8 years ago 21 Comments

John Wall says David Stern is trying to take advantage of the players during this lockout. You think? Of course he is. That’s what David Stern does. That’s why he is in charge of this whole thing. It’s not as if the players are getting screwed. It’s just that Stern is who he is: he’s smart. He’s on top of things. You will not outsmart him. That’s a fact … Talks in New York broke down today, and no new meetings have been scheduled. And we were so close. Not really, but anytime we hear anything that is even remotely good, we get anxious. It’s like waiting on a new Nas album. You hear the talks about taking it back to the essence. You listen to a few leaked tracks. Sound great. You hear about collabos with Premo, maybe AZ, and you’re gearing up for a classic. Then it drops and it’s mildly disappointing only because he went with like two or three trash beats, and dropped a few other killer cuts. Same way with the lockout. We’re fiends for good news right now, and yesterday after hearing the two sides were very close on a split of the BRI, plus a new mid-level exception at around $5 million with annual raises over three years, it had us hyped. Now it’s the waiting game again … One interesting proposal came from the owners, who proposed a pool of money to be used as incentives and performances bonuses for young players who outplay their contracts. The union was fighting for something like this because by this point, too many young players are breaking out early with no way to make more money. For example, Derrick Rose made $5.5 million last year and yet won the MVP. It doesn’t seem right that he can’t capitalize on it … David West is finally healthy coming off of a torn ACL. He must be so thankful that he got healthy just in time for free agency. Wait … Darvin Ham is back. The rim shatterer – and Dime favorite – is expected to be named a Lakers assistant, reports Yahoo! Sports. Ham has coached in the D-League before so he knows the ropes … Rajon Rondo has a lot of haters. He always will. People don’t like players who can’t shoot. But you can’t deny that Rondo had the best pass of the summer (and it’s not even close) to Kenneth Faried. Over the head, alley-oop? C’mon now. That’s ridiculous. Rondo tried to explain how he did it here … The NBA might be in a lockout, but Mark Cuban is still partying as if the Mavs won an NBA championship. He was recently out partying in New York City when a fan told him they hoped the lockout was lifted soon. Cubes said: I’ll drink to that.” No report on whether that was Avion in his shot glass. Someone call Turtle … So Major League Baseball has reversed their stupid ruling and will now allow Dirk Nowitzki to throw out the first pitch for Texas during Saturday’s Game 3. It was stupid that the original ruling had to be reversed in the first place. Dirk tweeted that he was fine with it, that “Mlb is too old school.” Preach on … We’re out like lockout talks.

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