John Wall Is Extremely Mad Online About His ‘NBA 2K18’ Rating

John Wall had himself a good season in 2016 and clearly expected to be recognized for it in the latest 2K sports release of its annual basketball vehicle. But as the NBA 2K18 player rankings leak out, players are starting to react to just how good their virtual versions will play in the game.

Wall got himself a massive contract extension that will keep him with the Washington Wizards until 2023. But his NBA 2K18 rating clearly wasn’t enough for Wall. When he found out he was a 90, Wall lashed out on twitter, going directly to Ronnie 2K on Twitter to air his grievances.

Ronnie shot back at Wall with a quote tweet, pointing out that Wall is listed as a 90, which isn’t exactly terrible.

Wall argued that he played much better than that number, and that he was higher last year.

Ronnie then replied again, saying that it’s a fluid ranking system and that the numbers often go up as the season goes on. But Wall already knew his number, and it was higher last year than it will be in NBA 2K18.

That made Ronnie send a dancing GIF of salt Wall’s way, which he retweeted himself.

Even Mia Khalifa got involved in the drama, asking that “Ronnie 2K” should be fired for the game having Wall ranked so low.

He responded to it with a kissing emoji, so it all seems to be in good fun, I suppose. It’s a harmless exchange that both sides seemed to take lightly, but it’s clear that NBA players take these rankings seriously. For Wall, it’s just another thing he has to go out and prove.