The Knicks Are Rumored To Be Interested In Making A ‘Major Play’ If John Wall Is Available

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The Washington Wizards are playing improved basketball at the moment, attempting to climb out of the sizable hole dug in the first few weeks of the season. With that uptick in mind, the Wizards may not pull the trigger on a trade involving Bradley Beal or John Wall in the near future but there has been plenty of buzz about that possibility and another potential scenario came to light this week.

Marc Berman of the New York Post outlines a path for the New York Knicks to get involved, citing interest from the organization in making “a major play” for Wall’s services.

Some in the league believe the Knicks are stocking up their young assets and will make a major play for Wall if he becomes available. The Wizards (9-14) were said to be ready to break it up after their disastrous start. It would have to be a three-team deal with the Knicks throwing in Ntilikina, Dotson, Courtney Lee (for cap purposes), a 2020 first-round and second-round pick.

The money would work on such a deal, though it is important to note that Berman’s reporting indicates it would come in the form of a three-way transaction. Washington could conceivably seek to add Knicks guard Frank Ntilikina as something of a centerpiece and, simply put, getting off Wall’s massive contract extension could be appealing in virtually any form.

With that said, the Knicks aren’t necessarily an obvious destination in every way, particularly if they are looking to fly into the free agent market over the summer. This is the kind of rumor that will generate interest but, in the end, a Wizards-Knicks deal involving a package to send Wall to the Big Apple probably isn’t overly likely.