The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of John Wall’s Uncomfortable USA Basketball Picture

USA Basketball

John Wall is among the many NBA players at the USA Basketball minicamp in Las Vegas this week. It’s a big camp for Wall, as he was cut from the national team before the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup and was unable to play at the 2016 Olympics due to knee surgery. Now, with all eyes on the 2019 World Cup and the 2020 Olympics, Wall has a chance to suit up and be a key contributor for the red, white, and blue.

But before we get to that point, Wall must get through this minicamp, and, uh, hoo boy that might be tough. That’s not because Wall is bad at basketball — he is actually very good at basketball! — but rather, it’s because my guy looks like he’s riding the struggle bus. Here is a picture of Wall that was taken by USA Basketball.

The picture was tweeted out by the Wizards and eventually deleted, ostensibly because after it was put out for public consumption, Twitter did its thing. A bunch of people looking for retweets got their best jokes off to varying degrees of success over Washington’s disheveled and tired-looking point guard.

One explanation for what happened here is that John Wall is in Las Vegas, and when you go to Las Vegas, you end up looking like this every now and then. However, it’s far more likely that Wall just took an awkward looking picture, because in a few videos tweeted out after the imagine hit the internet, Wall looked fine going through warmups and scrimmaging.

Everyone has had a rough-looking picture or 40 in their day, so Wall just got caught on a bad day. Still, he’d probably be pretty stoked if the next headshot he takes like this happens after the World Cup or the Olympics while he’s wearing a gold medal.

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