John Wall Thinks He’s Been ‘Snaked’ In The Last Two All-NBA Ballots

06.10.16 3 years ago
John Wall

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When John Wall feels like he isn’t getting the recognition he deserves, he will let you know about it. When Reggie Jackson got a new contract, he complained about how well Jackson was paid compared to him, which sort of overlooked how contracts work under the salary cap. What’s really getting Wall’s goat right now, though, is the fact that he hasn’t been named an All-NBA player the last two seasons.

While receiving the NBA Cares Community Assist Award, Wall was still in a sour enough mood to complain about his lack of All-NBA recognition. “I’m pissed the last two years about that,” Wall told CSN Mid-Atlantic. “I got snaked twice.”

Over the last two years, the three guards who have been named to the All-NBA third team are Klay Thompson (twice), Kyrie Irving last year, and Kyle Lowry this year. Was Wall more deserving than any of them? Well, this past season, Wall trailed Lowry in both VORP and Win Shares, but did best Thompson in VORP. The year prior, Wall had less Win Shares than both Irving and Thompson, but beat both in VORP.

In short, if you want to know whether or not Wall should have been an All-NBA player the last couple of seasons, the answer is… maybe? An argument can be made either way in both instances. That’s not going to make Wall any less annoyed, though. If he doesn’t make it again next season, get ready to hear more grousing from Wall. He’s a very good player, but, clearly, he wants a bit more recognition.

(Via CSN Mid-Atlantic)

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