This Is March: Jon Rothstein Discusses His Favorite Month, Tweets, And Massive Meals

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The craziness that is the NCAA Tournament begins this week. College basketball fans are getting their brackets prepared, working out plans to come down with a “sudden head cold” on Thursday and Friday for the tournament’s opening rounds, and getting ready to participate in the most fun sports weekend of the year.

For college hoops fans, everything can be summed up with three words: This is March.

The phrase has taken on a life of its own over the last few years thanks to Jon Rothstein, a college basketball reporter for CBS Sports (he’ll provide analysis on CBS Sports Network throughout the Tournament), Sports Illustrated, and WFAN. The numerous quips he has for every seemingly every college hoops team — from longtime slogans like Virginia basketball being “a thing of beauty” to more recent ones like “Buffalo Basketball. Seek and Destroy.” — are known as Rothsteinisms, and are fixtures on the corner of the internet occupied by fans of the sport. Still, none of them are quite as popular as This is March, a celebration of everything that makes this month so mad.

We spoke to Rothstein on Tuesday morning about the genesis of these sayings, spent some time previewing the regions for this year’s Tournament, and got a breakdown of some of his favorite spots to eat in New York City.

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