Jon Stewart Was Stunned After JaVale McGee Hit A Fadeaway Jumper Against The Knicks

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To the surprise of no one, the Golden State Warriors went into Madison Square Garden and had their way with the New York Knicks on Monday evening. The Warriors are, of course, the best team in the NBA and the Knicks are not. Still, there was a perfect microcosm of what transpired and it came from the unlikely source of Jon Stewart.

The 55-year-old entertainer’s reaction came on the heels of a weird sequence in the second half in which Warriors center JaVale McGee knocked down a fadeaway jump shot. That wildly unlikely result prompted the appropriate response out of the former host of The Daily Show.

Stewart puts together the strong combination of shock and awe in this spot because, well, McGee connecting on this particular attempt was both shocking and awe-inspiring. Fans of the Knicks have seen some wild events in recent years but a 7-footer on this particular team executing a shot in this fashion was apparently high on the list.

At a certain point, nothing that McGee does on a basketball court is that stunning, simply because he seems to always deliver entertainment in odd ways. Still, no one would have predicted a fadeaway jumper from this depth and Jon Stewart was as caught off-guard, as anyone either in attendance or watching live on television.