The Moment Jordan Bone Got Drafted Will Make You Sob Uncontrollably

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As the 2019 NBA Draft inched toward the 57th pick, three picks away from its conclusion, Tennessee point guard Jordan Bone feared what every pro prospect must fear: going undrafted. Bone, who averaged 13.5 points for the Volunteers as a junior last season, had gathered friends and family to watch the draft together, hoping to celebrate upon hearing his name called. But with just three picks left and no sense of interest from any NBA team, Bone and his family looked to be giving up.

His brother, Josh, was in the midst of a melancholy speech about how much he was hurting for his younger sibling. Bone sat slumped in his chair on the stage in the front of the room. A DJ slowly sipped a beer off to the side. As Josh continued to speak, the Detroit Pistons made a trade to get back into the second round, trading a 2024 second round pick and cash to Philadelphia for the 57th pick.

Someone cut Josh off by yelling “sh*t!” as Bone’s name scrolled across ESPN. He’d just been taken by the Pistons. All hell broke loose as family and friends rush the stage, dog-piling Bone like he just scored the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. It is as pure and wonderful of a moment as you’ll ever see.

Bone will sign a two-way contract with the Pistons, but more important, a night that appeared all but lost will now be a moment Bone will never, ever forget. Sports are good.