The Pacers’ Jordan Hill Was Arrested For Allegedly Doing 107 In A 65 MPH Zone

Pacers forward Jordan Hill was arrested and taken into custody Friday near Atlanta for allegedly driving 107 in a 65 mph zone. Local reporter Mike Petchenik of WBS News tweeted a video from the arresting officer’s dash cam that appears to show Hill’s Range Rover driving at high speed and his subsequent arrest.

Pacers president Larry Bird released the following statement on the matter Friday:

“We have been informed Jordan was arrested for allegedly reckless driving in Atlanta, Georgia,” Bird said. “It is obvious we don’t condone this. We will address this with Jordan. This is a major concern of safety, not just for Jordan, but for others.”

Indiana signed Hill to a one-year deal worth $5 million in free agency this summer after the Lakers opted not to re-sign him, despite it being widely known that Hill was one of the few teammates Kobe Bryant felt he could depend on. He averaged a career-high 12 points and 7.9 rebounds last season.

(h/t B/R; Video via Mike Petchenik)