Is This ‘Lost And Found’ Dunk By Jordan Kilganon The Best Ever?

Standing at only 6-foot-1, “professional dunker” Jordan Kilganon has been competing in dunk contests all over the world. Gravity just doesn’t seem to apply to him, and this newest dunk invention isn’t something we’ve ever seen before.

He actually tosses himself an alley-oop on his blind side, flipping the ball to himself behind his back with one hand, and then catching it with the same hand as he does a half rotation in the air.

Is it the best dunk you’ve ever seen? Personally, the first East Bay Funk Dunk by Isiah Rider to win the 1994 Slam Dunk Contest made our jaw drop even more, but this is impressive, despite a goofy response of the pale posse looking on.

(Video via Hoopmixtape)