Josh Hart’s New Hoodie Is A Clever Nod To Rihanna’s Comments After LeBron James Dunked On Him

Every time the Lakers and Pelicans have met this season, there’s been a little extra mustard on the proceedings given the way the Lakers unceremoniously shipped out a handful of young players in exchange for Anthony Davis last summer. There’s also the added intrigue of Zion Williamson, who many consider the best incoming rookie since LeBron James.

Last month, James turned in one of his best performances of the season against New Orleans, scoring 40 points, to go along with eight rebounds, in the 118-109 win. But the highlight of the night by far was LeBron’s vicious poster slam over Josh Hart that had at least one high-profile fan in mock concern over his well-being.

Noted LeBron fan Rihanna took to Instagram after the game, asking whether anyone had checked on Hart to make sure he was OK.

Now it appears Hart took notice. On Friday night, he showed up to Smoothie King Center in New Orleans wearing a custom-made hoodie that featured Rihanna’s tweet and shout to her IG handle.

In fairness to Hart, if Rihanna ever mentioned my name in any context whatsoever, I’d probably not only have it blazoned on a t-shirt, but preserved in bronze and added to all of my official records. In any case, it’s good to see he has a sense of humor about it, and what a great excuse to try and get Rihanna’s attention again, this time under slightly more flattering circumstances.