Josh Smith Absolutely Owned Dirk Nowitzki With This Dream Shake

Josh Smith did Dirk dirty here.

Dirk might be having an All-Star caliber year, but Smoove just faked him out something fierce when he showed the ball and spun the other way.

But that move wasn’t all Smith did in his just second game with the Rockets after getting traded from the Clippers for some cash and a pu-pu platter of draft-and-stash guys.

After going 1-for-10 in his first game against the Bucks on Friday night, Smoove was a lot more active while going for 16 points, two steals, two blocks, two dimes and three boards on Sunday. Dirk shouldn’t mind too much, though.

Smith eviscerated Dwight Powell on a couple plays in the second half, too. First, he snuffed him at the rim on a bunnie.

Then he took full advantage of Powell’s foolish decision to sprint out to contest a Josh Smith outside shot (never contest a Josh Smith outside shot, and certainly don’t give him baseline if you do)