J.R Smith Added To The Growing Legend Of Hoodie Melo, Carmelo Anthony’s New Alter Ego

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There’s a NBA legend growing, and for once, it’s not an NBA rookie or a viral dunk. Instead it’s Carmelo Anthony, the beleaguered current New York Knick who’s looking for a new home to play basketball. But in the mean time, he’s been ripping up open runs in the summer, dishing out hook shots so pretty you’d think it was Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

If the summer has shown anything about Melo, it’s that when he has a hoodie on, whomever is defending him not only has to worry about the first move, but the second, and third as well. But what’s the difference between Hoodie Melo, and the Melo we see in the NBA (besides having to carry the expectations of New Yorkers)?

One man may have the answer, former New York Knick and a Top 3 candidate for the most interesting man in the world: JR Smith.


So according to Smith, Hoodie Melo may really be the final form of Carmelo Anthony, ruthless with a bunch of moves we rarely see him break out. A player with the conscience of an assassin with the skill of Tim Duncan. More importantly, if all that’s needed for Melo to dig into this alter-ego is a hoodie, it makes you wonder why he hasn’t requested the league for a special exemption for one yet.

That said, wherever Carmelo is traded to – be it Portland or Houston or elsewhere – fans can only hope that the hoodie comes with him.