J.R. Smith Spectacularly Supported Cleveland With This Postgame Shirt

Managing Editor, Sports + DIME

J.R. Smith found a home in Cleveland, and it seems like he’s never going to leave, even if he ends up finishing his career somewhere else. The city gave the quixotic once malcontent a second chance, and it certainly didn’t hurt that he got to play with LeBron James in the process.

Smith’s Instagram is a photo diary for his love of the city, and while the joke early after he was traded was that there weren’t places for him to go to get in trouble like there was in New York, that doesn’t mean that he’s stayed in and become a hermit. It’s quite the opposite. He is often exploring, meeting Cleveland residents, and supporting the other Cleveland teams – with or without a shirt.

But when he has a shirt, it’s pretty dang good. As seen above, Smith rocked a shirt that sums up the city perfectly following the Cavs’ 119-108 win over the Lakers on Saturday.

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