Nobody Is More Excited About The NBA’s Shift To Nike Apparel Than J.R. Smith

07.22.17 10 months ago

Getty Image

While the rest of the NBA world is wondering what happened to Kyrie Irving and LeBron James, the rest of the Cavaliers players are staying out of it. In fact, most of them are tweeting about completely different things altogether.

Kevin Love might be the lone exception, as he slyly referenced Irving’s “peculiar” quote in a tweet on Friday. But that’s the most anyone on the Cavs has mentioned the fact that Irving wants out of Cleveland. While some looked at a LeBron James tweet from last month as evidence that James knew about Irving’s trade demands before the rest of us, James is spending his time tweeting about how good Ray Allen was in his prime.

Meanwhile, J.R. Smith is out there tweeting about how much he likes Nike sweats.

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