J.R. Smith Drilled A Half-Court Shot During The Cavs’ Preseason Scrimmage To Win A Fan A Generator

Associate Editor

The Cleveland Cavaliers took the floor on Monday night. It wasn’t for a game that had too terribly much on the line or anything — it was the team’s annual intersquad Wine and Gold Scrimmage, which did not include LeBron James as he’s still out trying to recover from an ankle injury that he suffered last week.

It did, however, mean a lot for one Cavaliers fan, a Sergeant First Class in the Army named Gary Sellars. At one point during the game, Sellars had the opportunity to win a generator. All that needed to happen was J.R. Smith had to knock down a half-court shot.

Now, if you have to pick one basketball player to hit a half-court shot and Steph Curry was in a hot air balloon or something, Smith is one of the guys you’d consider picking. So it’s no surprise that Earl was able to win the fan a generator. What is kind of surprising was that he just pulled up from half-court like he was shooting a casual jumper from the elbow and got nothing but net.

The best part of this is how easy Smith makes this look. Actually, no, the best part is that Smith seemed positive that the shot was going in from the second it left his hand, which is funny, because it was a pull-up jumper from half-court. Or you can say it was Smith dropping down onto one knee and doing his heaven’s gate celebration, which makes me laugh every time I see it.

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