J.R. Smith Got A Pair Of LeBron’s Sneakers Before The King Did And Rubbed His Face In It

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LeBron James is Nike’s $1 billion man, so one would expect that whenever the King gets a new signature shoe released by the sneaker giant, he’d be the first to get a pair. That apparently isn’t the case, as J.R. Smith managed to scoop LeBron’s newest version of the LeBron 14s while on a Nike promotional trip to Hong Kong, while James was busy at his famed summer workouts in Las Vegas.

Smith took to his Instagram to brag about having the new pair of LeBron joints before James did, showing off the red and white colorway.


Later, James posted a screenshot of a FaceTime conversation he was having with Smith while J.R. was in China, in which Smith held up the sneaker for LeBron to see and kissed it just to poke at the fact that he had the shoe before James did.

“Can’t even front the homie @teamswish got some ????????? 14s!! He just wanted to rub it in my face cause he was able to put his on his feet before I did. #HeActuallyKissedThemWhileWeWereTalking”

Smith calling LeBron on FaceTime and rubbing it in his face that he had James’ new shoe first is what any good friend would do in that situation. Who knew the key to getting exclusive new Nikes before even LeBron was to just go to China?