JR Smith Doesn’t Understand Why Athletes Like LeSean McCoy Need To Badmouth Colin Kaepernick

08.25.17 7 months ago 7 Comments

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JR Smith isn’t happy with LeSean McCoy, or any athlete who needs to speak negatively of another athlete in the media. The Cleveland Cavaliers guard fired off some frustrated tweets on Friday morning, calling out said athletes that spoke ill of Colin Kaepernick and warning the media not to ask him about other athletes unless they directly relate to his team.

The screed appears to be a reaction to Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy, who spoke with reporters in Buffalo on Thursday about Kaepernick. McCoy was critical of Kaepernick’s decision to silently protest police brutality against people of color and noted Kaepernick’s talent and play wasn’t worth the distraction he brings, which is why he’s not currently on an NFL roster.

Smith doesn’t call out McCoy by name, but later made it clear that he’s talking about Kaepernick when he retweeted an ESPN article about people protesting in favor of Kaepernick getting signed by an NFL team. That made it clear that Smith’s screed was directed towards the Bills running back who was critical of Kaepernick in an interview with reporters on Thursday.

Smith started on Friday morning by saying he’s never understood “speaking down on another person/athlete to the media.”

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