Of Course J.R. Smith Liked Paul George’s Quote About Wanting The Last Shot On Instagram

04.16.17 2 years ago

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The Cavs escaped Game 1 of their opening round series with the Pacers with a 109-108 home win after a C.J. Miles jumper came up short at the buzzer. That Miles was the one to take that shot was a point of contention for the Pacers, as Paul George felt he should’ve gotten the ball back from Miles in order to take the final shot.

George told reporters after the game that he’s “got to get the ball” in that kind of situation and had a conversation with Miles about it. That quote blew up, becoming the pull quote of the night all over social media, even after Doc Rivers scrunched up his face and said of a potential strategy to hold for the last shot down two “like the dumbest thing” he’s ever heard.

ESPN posted the quote to Instagram and it got tons of likes, including one from Cavs shooting guard and professional bucket-getter J.R. Smith.

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