J.R. Smith Almost Gave President Obama One Of His ‘Shirtless’ Shirts

11.11.16 1 year ago

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Following the legendary comeback that netted the Cleveland Cavaliers an NBA title, President Barack Obama implored head coach Tyronn Lue to provide swingman J.R. Smith with a shirt. Earlier this week, Smith was almost able to return the favor to POTUS.

Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal brings word that there was a discussion about Smith presenting the President with a shirt depicting all of his tattoos but, at the last minute, the idea fell through. Kevin Love, who made the jersey presentation to the President, shared the details:

“Originally (LeBron James) had mentioned, ‘Kev why don’t you give him the jersey and Swish you hand him the shirts,’” Love said Friday. “I never knew they weren’t going to let Swish do the shirts. When I heard my name called and Bron was like, ‘Kev go hand him the jersey,’ I was like, ‘What about Swish?’”

Smith reportedly indicated that “it wasn’t the right time or place” to provide the shirt during the White House visit, but the internet certainly would have enjoyed that exchange. In fact, President Obama even made light of the fact that Smith was wearing a shirt during his remarks, and the retort would have been too perfect.

For now, we will live in a world in which Barack Obama does not own a shirt comprised of J.R. Smith’s shirtless torso, at least that we know of.

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