J.R. Smith Says ‘I Know A Little…About Dirty Plays’ And Taj Gibson’s Kick ‘Was A Dirty Play’

The Bulls and Cavs have been going back and forth all series, and things turned ugly with 10:25 remaining in the fourth quarter Tuesday night when a prone Matthew Dellavedova had his feet entangled with Taj Gibson. Gibson kicked back at Delly and was ejected, with a towel even sailing down from the crowd. J.R. Smith was right in the middle of the scrum, but avoided any mental mistakes.

The kick itself wasn’t really that bad, despite the eruption of the crowd. Delly had scissored Gibson’s leg and wasn’t letting go.

Perhaps that why Dellavedova was given a technical foul after-the-fact.

But Swish thinks it was dirty.

“It was a dirty play,” said Smith. “Delly plays hard; he’s not going to try to hurt anybody. But that was a dirty play. I know a little thing about dirty plays, so, it was a bad play. [The referees] made the right decision [to eject Gibson] … There’s just certain things you just don’t do.”

I know a little about dirty plays…” That’s one remarkably self-aware comment by the former Knick.

It should be noted, LeBron named Dellvedova the toughest player on the team after the game.

We just think that’s a result of his playoff beard.