Twitter Was Piping Hot After J.R. Smith’s Soup-Throwing Suspension

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On Thursday, Cleveland Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith threw a dang bowl of soup at Cavs assistant coach Damon Jones. But we didn’t know exactly why Smith was suspended on Thursday night. That reporting didn’t come until Friday morning, and when it did, NBA Twitter had a bowl of laughs.

It’s not every day an NBA player is suspended for a soup-throwing incident, but once folks got over the initial shock there was plenty to say about Smith’s actions. The reaction was swift and, some might say, piping hot.

That’s a tough tag team to beat, but there were some strong efforts on Friday.


For some, not knowing exactly what kind of soup it was made getting any work done at all difficult.

Seriously what kind of soup was it Woj.

Lowe also had a good point: this was a great chance to make a very unique DNP if the Cavs were being honest.

With little information to go on for Smith’s soup of choice, many guessed for themselves. I personally think this list needs further study, but it’s not a bad start.

Even Basketball Reference got in a good stats joke on Friday.

The reason everyone can joke about this is that it doesn’t seem to be too serious. Nothing in the report mentioned burning or injury for Jones or Smith, and the image of a professional basketball player throwing soup at someone is pretty funny. At the very least, it sure heated up a chilly Friday morning in March.