J.R. Smith Claims He Was Hacked, But He Still Believes His ‘Cavs In 7’ Tweet

06.08.17 2 years ago

J.R. Smith tweeted—then deleted—a bold prediction on Wednesday night after Golden State went up 3-0 in the NBA Finals. He quickly removed the “Cavs in 7” tweet, but the Internet never forgets and so he had to discuss it with reporters on Thursday.

Smith offered a pretty fun defense of his statement that he didn’t send the tweet.

Later he spoke with the media and elaborated on the premise—though he didn’t send it out, he’s a fan of the deleted tweet’s content.

“I didn’t tweet it. My Twitter got hacked. Somebody posted it. I was in the shower actually when the tweet went out.

I mean, I believe it. So I’m just glad they didn’t tweet anything crazy.

I could see myself saying that, for sure, absolutely. I’m just glad he did that instead of something dumb.”

A reporter asked if he wanted to make the same bold prediction on record, and he quickly gave him what he wanted.

“Oh yeah, we coming back,” Smith said, “I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t think that. My teammates look for me for inspiration and enthusiasm and grit and toughness and that’s what I’m going to give them day in and day out on and off the court.”

This is one of the more interesting defenses of a misguided Tweet. He was “hacked,” but the tweet was better than something “dumb” the person who is NOT J.R. SMITH could have done. Oh, and he believes what was tweeted anyway. Good on him for almost taking credit for the thing that was tweeted on his personal Twitter account.

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