Julie Bowen Tells The Tale Of Almost Getting Kicked Out Of A Lakers Game

The ABC show Modern Family has made quite a living from its characters getting into trouble for having basic misunderstandings of society’s normal rules and behaviors. So, perhaps it’s not surprising to learn that life imitated art for one of its stars, Julie Bowen, who was once nearly kicked out of a Lakers game for walking across the court while the game was going on.

As Bowen told it on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she had courtside seats to a game against the Warriors. But because she didn’t arrive at the arena until the first quarter was nearly over, she found herself waiting for a break in the action to make her way to her seat, which was on the other side of the court.

Shockingly, a security guard waved her through to go ahead immediately, apparently not realizing the potential dangers of allowing a fan to be on the court during live game action. So there was Bowen, hunched over, walking across the Staples Center court while a player on the Warriors shot free throws on the other end.

Afterwards, a different security guard approached her and told her to never do that again. But perhaps the best line came from the person who sat next to Bowen during the game, who said to her afterwards, “I can’t believe I let you sit here after that assh*le move.”

Well, Bowen technically had permission from security, so maybe it wasn’t fair to call her an assh*le. But yes, it was definitely a silly move either way.

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