Julius Randle Wasn’t Angry He Was Actually Laughing When DeMarcus Cousins Got In His Face

Following the Los Angeles Lakers’ 101-91 road win against the Sacramento Kings, Julius Randle of the Lakers and DeMarcus Cousins of the Kings squared off. Kinda. Sorta. It was weird!

There’s definitely some tension there, but at no point does anyone fly off the handle. There’s never this feeling of, “Oh no, someone is going to get clocked right on the jaw!” There’s such calmness. Like, if you didn’t know the context, you’d swear it was borderline romantic, like they were smelling each other’s cologne.

As we’re all well aware by now, Cousins has a tendency to get into these sorts of situations. It took him all of one week to get fined by the league during the 2016-17 season, and officials are quick to give him a technical if he even looks at them the wrong way. Maybe Randle knows this, and he’s slowly trying to get under Boogie’s skin so that later on down the road Cousins will lose it. It’s not at all a bad strategy at all. I still do that with my high school friend Pete who absolutely hates being called Petey. So we call him Petey as much as possible.

Anyway, these teams face each other four more times this season, so maybe this escalates to a full-scale brawl or some ballroom dancing. Either way, I’ve got time for it.